Bunion Sleeve Plus Size Guide

wear bunion sleeve plus with shoes

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Bunion Sleeve + fit should be snug and comfortable.

bunion sleeve plus size guide

Here are some more sizing and wearing tips:

  • You can wear it both night and day but we suggest you start out wearing it just 2-4 hours at a time until you get used to wearing it.
  • Can be worn comfortably with shoes.
  • Some people prefer a smaller size for active use and a larger size for nighttime wear so it is worth experimenting with sizes. Also remember that your feet can swell a bit as the day progresses so your usual size is most likely the size of your foot at the beginning of the day.
  • To select the right size please use your normal shoe size not a wider version.

We try to get our size guide as accurate as possible but all feet are different so it is impossible to be 100% correct in our recommendation. But remember if you do feel you have selected the wrong size you can always return it unused along with its original packaging anytime within 30 days of purchase for an immediate exchange.

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